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Hair transplantation is an organ transplantation method and person's own tissue is transferred to himself/herself. Hair transplantation is the name of the procedure which consists of depicting hair follicles form the back of the scalp and replacing them on the bald areas.

Under local anesthesia, healthy hair follicles are extracted via FUE and they are planted under the bald skin by artificially opened micorcanals without hurting present hair follicles.

Millions of women and men are experiencing hair loss problem. Most men are having this problem starting in mid-50's. 

Hair follicles placed on back of the scalp are genetically stronger than others, that's why transplanted follicles are loss resistant.

Hair transplantation is a local procedure performed under local anesthesia. Transplanted area is narcotized while the patient is awake. They can read newspaper or watch TV during the process. 

  • No suturation necessary, no catling usage.

  • No visible scar left after the process

  • It can be applied for both women and men under local anesthesia.

  • Recovery time is short, patient can return to daily routine easily.

  • Visage is natural. 

  • Transplated hair follicles can be used for both mustache, eye brow and beard formation.

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